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We are educators. We are teachers and administrators, moms and dads, students and former students from all over the Vietnam. We all have one common belief that every child is uniquely brilliant and deserves a high-quality, personalized education.

Learning Ecosystem

We are building a learning ecosystem called Onluyen.vn that adapts to the needs of every learner. Onluyen.vn solves the challenges of scaling personalized learning. Onluyen.vn automates resource generation, automatically aligns content to learning objectives or competencies and adapts to the learning profile and knowledge gaps of every learner with one click.

We help more than 500 thousand students practice and master what they’re learning each month.

Micro Learning

In the era where student’s attention span is low, micro learning is a very effective way to facilitate students learning by presenting content into small and easily digestible pieces. It’s well planned and makes easy for the teacher to keep track of students learning.

Create and Customize Your Content

Edmicro's micro learning platform helps you to create and customize a long concept into simple micro lessons by using slides, images, audio, quiz and gamified activity and deliver it to students.

View Learning Progress

In traditional system, it’s not easy for a teacher to keep track of students study and practice. This problem is solved by the micro learning strategy in which teacher can see how a student is learning and practicing a topic.


Our platform gives facility to simultaneously assess students learning as he is studying a topic. Assessment questions can be easily added to micro learning slides. This gives teacher understanding whether student has understood the topic or not.

Sharable Digital Library

Digital library offers a rich collection of micro lessons and tracks created by the teacher. Edmicro's micro learning platform can be used as flipped learning where teachers can provide micro lessons to students which they can study at home and class room time can be utilized for the practice of concepts.

Personalize Learning

Edmicro personalized learning solution fulfills your student's need to get individual instruction and support through its Onluyen Mastery and Onluyen Growth series. It empowers teachers to have a better understanding of students learning style, strength and weaknesses and thus uniquely address each student’s issues.


Onluyen Mastery is a personalized learning tool that creates optimized learning lists from Onluyen Growth. Onluyen Mastery focuses on individual competency in a skill or learning objective.


Onluyen Growth is a psychometric adaptive test to measure your student’s growth. At the end of the test, Growth recommends areas or skills the student has achieved mastery and the areas he needs to focus upon.

Powerful AI Engine

We are experts at applying learning sciences to Big Data. Onluyen.vn is a cloud-computing platform designed by our learning scientists to measure and predict performance and progress in any digital learning product, using advanced machine-learning algorithms to analyze learner data and illuminate underlying patterns and relationships. Our platfrom can draw from diverse sources—learning activities, assessments, and parent/educator input, and even from different products—to produce a holistic picture of the learner's proficiency, progress, preferences, and passions.

Customers and partners love us for our work.
Here are some valuable comments.

We are optimistic about personalized learning and the difference Edmicro can make for students everywhere. We are looking forward to working with companies like Edmicro to get learning tools into the hands of more students and teachers around the world.

Nguyen Ngoc Hung

Former director of National Foreign Languages Project 2020

At Hocmai we have always partnered with people with disruptive ideas and big vision. What excites us about Edmicro is not just the market potential but also their sheer commitment and passion to democratize access to education in Vietnam in a way that's never been done before.

Pham Giang Linh

CEO - Hocmai.vn

Edmicro's product helped me clear my doubts in mathematics and english. The Edmicro faculty is very good — they have taught me every concept in depth. Studying on this app is super fun and this has helped me perform better in my exams. Thank You Edmicro!!!

Pham Thi Tam