Edmicro to open source Automated question extraction from PDF engine

Edmicro Education Co., Ltd is pleased to announce that the module for automatically extracting questions from PDF files – PDF2Exam on the online education platform Onluyen.vn has been made public.

PDF2Exam is a module that automatically recognizes and cuts questions from PDF format sets, thereby helping developers to quickly assign assignments or tests. The source code is hosted at the following address: https://github.com/edmicro-tech/PDF2Exam

This is the first step in the plan to make Onluyen.vn’s features and products open source. In the future, we will open more sources of the products that have been and are being built at Edmicro. Edmicro believes that open source will allow us to build better, more secure and flexible products, and foster sharing and collaboration within the educational technology community.

Edmicro looks forward to receiving many contributions from the community to help improve features and products, making them gradually become an interesting and useful experience for everyone.